Abstract. Whimsical. Eclectic. Artist.

“An explosion of color, the hard, deliberate black line, the peeping out of painted under-layers-they hold secrets, the ghosted apparitions formed that are seen or unseen, the softness of the brush against a surface, the chatter of thoughts diminishing, the satisfaction of a finished creation, and the excitement and anticipation of a new inspiration".

Oh how I love starting with Lines and Circles. They guide me. Creating shapes to work within and around forming or mapping out its path; its final destination.

Both my abstract paintings and character, or illustrative paintings, develop intuitively. As I paint, ghosted forms appear through the buildup of glazed over layers, offering the viewer an opportunity of discovery. By juxtaposing shapes and colors, my intent is to pull forward found familiar images that not only stimulate curiosity, but also allow a viewer to identify these images that become intertwined in their own life story. My drive while creating is a process of self discovery and problem-solving,

My other works are often likened to children’s illustrations. These are typically one-off scenes emoting a certain feeling, sometimes in opposition with itself. Within the illustrative genres live my Circle Head collection. These represent snapshots of moments- freezing them in time. In a state of forever mindfulness-the balanced acceptance of the present experience.  Whimsical in essence, they remain vulnerable, likeable by most, yet curious because they’re not self-judging or critical, they’re just in the present moment, a place most of us never allow ourselves to be.

I see myself as a strong person, not through any political identity or movement, but through my passionate drive to explore art that connects. I don’t start a piece with an idea that says people will respond to this shape or color. I allow the connection to develop as I paint, and where I may connect with one illusive image, another person may see something entirely different. This method of painting is adventurous and exciting for me because I never know where the journey will end. Life’s a lot like that, I think.