Happy New Year 2021!

Art Subscription

This is a special way to stay connected to a small number of collectors and art enthusiasts. A yearly subscription will bring 4 unique packages to your door, each including a small painting, a sketch, a prototype for a new offering, or something else totally unexpected! Along with a hand-written letter just for you. 

A little-known fact about me is that I LOVE mail. And I love preparing packages for friends! Every package is a work of art, often eating up a whole morning, but in such a delicious way. I walk into the post office beaming with pride at my little creations. 

If you'd like to start receiving these creations in the New Year, you can reserve your spot now! And if this sounds like the perfect present for someone else, they will receive a hand-painted card with their name on it, gifting them the subscription. I will only be able to take a limited number of subscribers a year, so I'm happy to give you this opportunity to reserve your subscription now! 

Art Subscription option one:

  • $500/year limited to 20 patrons 
  • Includes 4 unique art packages per year
  • Pay $40-$50/m
  • Subscribe Here!

Art Subscription option two:

Explore affordable membership tiers that include membership rewards. As little as $5 a month will help support my art making.

Become a Patron of Spiziri Arts 

Art Subscription option three:

A more relaxed option, you may also make one time or random contributions here. 

At Michelle Spiziri Arts we are grateful for any contribution consideration. Every bit helps in keeping productivity and creativity moving forward.

I am available to chat with anyone who has any questions about any of the options.

Thank you!

Michelle Spiziri