• Image of "Hopscotch, Chapter 15, Is All Time Simultaneous?"

Mixed Media on Board, ready to hang, 24x36
Inspired by Veronika Krausas's haunting Opera, Hopscotch.-The 36 chapters of Hopscotch are divided among three geographic routes — Red, Yellow, and Green – and 10 animated chapters. Taken together, they tell the story of Lucha, Jameson, and Orlando. They encompass the life of Lucha from her quinceañera through her marriage and loss of her husband, until she is an old woman.

Painted in concert while replaying continuously the song in Chapter 15-

Lucha finds the fortune teller again, hoping for more insight into what the future holds. She draws a tarot card revealing The Lovers. The card warns her that great loss is ahead, but so is great love. Left alone, Lucha considers the crossroads she finds herself at, and wonders what life has in store for her.