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  • Image of "Mother"
  • Image of "Mother"

*Original painting.
*48x36 on Ampersand claybord.
*Custom Framed and ready to hang. Approximately 15-20 pounds.

This piece was inspired by a much smaller, unintended practice drawing (second image, 12x9 on paper) where the imagery manifested itself out of the overlapping layers of color pencil from a subconscious place.

Titled "Mother", appropriately, this piece is reminiscent of our beginnings. Our ancient ancestry, our ghosts, going back to the original Mother of our specific Haplogroup. Generational DNA or loop; curses, memories - not always of my own, epigenetic curiosity, and the meaning or "why" of me. Somewhat a wistful painting in my personal desire to better understand my "me" through the people of my lineage who lived and died before me.

Image of The In-Between
The In-Between
Image of The Cyclist
The Cyclist
Image of The Dreaming
The Dreaming
Image of Self Love - original abstract figurative  painting on paper
Self Love - original abstract figurative painting on paper
Image of Striking Woman
Striking Woman
Image of Life Drawn Figure Study
Life Drawn Figure Study
Image of A Working Girl-Giclé Print
On sale
A Working Girl-Giclé Print
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